Bee Hedgerow


bee hedgerow

The Bee Hedgerow at UBC Farm contains many of the same native plant species as the other hedgerows but also includes herbaceous species for bee forage as well as mason bee houses. The Bee Hedgerow is also wider than the other hedgerows with more spacing between trees and shrubs. This hedgerow is located in the North-east corner of the farm next to the hoop houses and Maya garden.


 Species Gallery


The species gallery contains photos of all the tree and shrub species present in the Bee Hedgerow. Some of the photos are of the same species in the other hedgerows at UBC Farm. To see each image full-size, click on the images below.


 Betula papyrifera – paper birch

betula_papyrifera (2)                        betula_papyrifera (3)                        betula_papyrifera

Cornus stolonifera – red-osier dogwood

cornus_stolonifera_flower (2)                        cornus_stolonifera_fruit (2)

Lonicera involucrata – black twinberry

lonicera_involucrata_flower (2)                        lonicera_involucrata_fruit

Mahonium aquifolium – tall Oregon grape


Malus fusca – crabapple

malus_fusca (2)                        malus_fusca

Physocarpus capitatus – pacific ninebark

physocarpus_capitatus_white_flower                        physocarpus_capitatus_flower                           physocarpus_capitatus_fruit

Ribes sanguineum – red-flowering currant

ribes_sanguineum_flower (2)                        ribes_sanguineum_flower                           ribes_sanguineum_fruit (4)

Rubus spp. – raspberry


Salix sitchensis – sitka willow

salix_scouleriana                         salix_scouleriana (2)                           salix_sitchensis_fruit

Sambucus racemosa spp. – red elderberry

sambucus_racemosa_flower                         sambucus_racemosa_fruit                           sambucus_racemosa_fruit (2)

Symphocarpus albus – snowberry

symphocarpus_albus_flower                         symphocarpus_albus_fruit